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Mark (OP), Jim, and all others who have made contributions to this thread:

Thank You!

If I never read another post on this forum, you have made it all worth while. This type of thread can and will save lives. As a relatively new sailor, but old pilot, I understand that the time to learn how to deal with emergencies--is NOT when they're happening. Even the best of anything lose a modicum of control when the poop hits the fan, but the prepared professional will have training and experinece to rely on, and will act appropriately almost by reflex.

You all have inspired me to dig out an old hat, and spend a day or two or three or four on the lake practicing MOB maneuvers. And also rig even my dinghy with a throwable PFD.

In my years of flying, I've come the the conclusion that the BIGGEST obstacle to proper preparation for emergencies is the "it won't happen to me" attitude. That's not to imply snobbery or superiority....we ALL suffer from that to a degree. Those who have been doing it long enough have had themselves proven wrong enough times and have a different attitude towards safety. I really stress to my flight students that we're not practicing for what happens to others....its for when it happens to YOU. That often gets funny looks.

Again, thanks guys and gals. I'm sure I am not the only one inspired to take stock of my own preparedness. You may have saved a life that you'll never realize!
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