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does anyone other than me think too much time/talk is spent on the techqinue to follow over just knowing how to handle your boat, so that you therefore sail back to the person
No, not at all. It is a specialized maneuver and the time to learn it is NOT when there is someone overboard.

and why don't any sailing books/lessons ever remind you that "hey you have an engine"
I suppose it's because the idea is to get back to the MOB as quickly as possible. On a hot summer day on the lake with moderate wind and seas you may have plenty of time to douse your sails and start the engine. In more challenging conditions however you'd be surprised how quickly you can lose sight of someone in the water especially if your attention is on the sail/engine switchover. Also, if the person in the water cannot swim or is injured and isn't wearing a pfd or if the water is particularly cold, seconds count.
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