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Marina Search

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Looks like we might be pulling the trigger a little early and buying our big boat a few (possibly even many) months before we're ready to move aboard. I've been shopping for two years, pretty sure it's the perfect boat for us, and the price is right.

So ... looking for an inexpensive marina where we can park the boat, visit and sail from time to time, and without getting any grief for overnighting aboard.

First choice is probably the greater Mobile, Alabama area. We are in Nashville, and Mobile is the shortest, quickest drive to the sea.

New Orleans area also works, so long as the marina isn't too far from the airport (I like Mandeville, but it's too far away). It's typically a cheap flight.

Both are reasonably cheap flights, most of the time. Either area works so long as we don't get too far from the airport.

I have spent some quality time with Active Captain and Google, I'm hoping someone with local knowledge can tell me something I can't find there.

Need 6'5'' to avoid bottom bumping.

The boat, btw, is a Kelly-Peterson 44.

Excited. Well, excited and scared.
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