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Recently, I serviced (for the first time) the two winches located on the mast (one on each side) that help with halyard tightening. Both are Lewmar 6's, and each has a plate under the winch that has a concave surface on one side to sit flush against the mast and flat surface on one side for the winch base. Each plate has one screw in the center to hold the plate to the mast, and six holes around the circumference to allow bolts from the winch plate to screw into the mast.

I removed all of the bolts to check for corrosion, serviced the winches, and reassembled. Now, all of the bolts that held the winches to the masts have backed out of the mast as I crank the winch to raise the mainsail, and the winches and bases are no longer attached.

I suspect that the reason they bolts held fast before was due to corrosion holding them in place, and that corrosion was broken when I removed the bolts. It now seems that the bolts are not biting well into the threading in the mast. Has anyone suffered this problem before; and if so, what would you recommend I do to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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