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<B>Mast Boot Review</B>
This Mast Boot is from Windblown products and is a self amalgamating Tape. Jay Herman developed this product using his extensive knowledge Rigging Cruising and Racing Sailboats over 30 years.
Due to the variety of mast partners and mast sections to deal with Jay sought out a tape that would bond to itself and to the mast and deck.
He ended up with this self amalgamating 5 inch wide rubber tape. the tape is very easily applied and will provide a complete waterproof seal to your mast partners in one application.
<img src="" width="262" border="0" alt="mast boot">
J/122 using Windblowns mast boot
<b>Windblown Mast Boot</b>
Unlike hard plastic mast boots, this self amalgamating tape can fit any mast size. The tape which is a wide 5 inches seals to the mast partners and to the mast and to itself, providing a complete seal, without needing hose clamps, glue or Duct tape.
The picture of a J/122 using Windblowns mast boot demonstrates how clean it looks. (See the video below for application.)</p></div>

<img name="pic19768" src="" width="262" border="0" alt="mast boot"><br>
J/122 mast boot closeup
<p class="firstP">
</p><p>A wide self-amalgamating tape which will seal your mast partners in one application.
<br>Once applied the tape will adhere to itself becoming one.
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<b><a href="" target="_blank">Purchase Here</a></b></p></div>
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