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I'm looking for a reasonably priced (e.g. under $500) remote camera with PIR sensor to mount on my mast, facing the bow.

Something like the following:

Xiamen YOUTHNET CO.,LTD.V900 GSM remote camera, remote surveillance, mobile sureveillance, GSM camera, MMS camera, wireless camera, wireless monitor, cell phone surveillance

Unfortunately, the above product isn't waterproof and I wouldn't want to mess with figuring out some kind of enclosure, etc.

A good bit of Googling failed to turn anything up, at least nothing even close to my budget, so I'm hoping someone here might know of some possible candidates. There seem to be emerging alot of devices that would do the job, but none seem to be protected from the elements (apart from a hunting scout camera that was much too large).

I've found a number of GSM alarm options in that price range, but none with the camera functionality, which is what I want more than e.g. bilge alarm notification, etc.
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