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Mast Shipping fall 2015-South from Oswego or Chicago

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Ahoy. We are planning to depart the Great Lakes for points south in the fall of 2015 (Aug-Sept). We will be going via either Oswego or possibly Chicago for a great loop experience. We met a couple from Michigan who went from Chicago in their C42 last fall, and had a great time. No crab pots, tides or hurricanes.

We would like to find information on shipping our 60' mast, preferably with other similar minded adventurers.

Anyone with information or wishing to team up to save cost can post or pm me.

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Rather than putting up with the logistics, expenses, insurance and stress, why not just build a decent cross brace on your deck with enough protection at the ends of the stick? Do you really have a mast 30' longer than LOA?
I have done the Erie Canal with a 42 foot mast on a 30' boat with no problem whatsoever. Domestic shipping from the US down to the Gulf would be simple I assume, but from Canada, not worth it in my opinion. Besides, you need something to hang on to when on deck...:)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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