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Figure 3-5 times the running amps on start up of any electric motor. You should also be cognizant of the fact that most gen-sets ramp up and down depending on the load and are often unable to speed up quickly enough to take on a sudden very heavy load. I'd go with the smaller a/c unit without actual proof that it'll rock over the larger unit. Remember, the 2000 isn't really that big a generator and you'll use over fifty percent of it's capacity running just the a/c, if you start it!

Here's a site I quickly found:

The number you're interested in is the "locked rotor amps". That's the draw you'll have on start up for the a/c units listed. As you can see, you can run almost any size unit, once you get it started!

Another reason to buy a bit small is that, if your gen-set is just able to start the a/c with no other load, once it's up and running, and you have other appliances running, it's going to trip on every re-start. You'll have to take off all the other load, re-start the a/c, and then turn the lights back on!
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