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I have been slow to get around to this.

Figured I would start with my sailing history.

My dad was a pretty decent sailor and passed on a lot of what he knew to me.

I would say my first sailing experiences were on the family boat which was a 1974 Grampian 23. I have no pictures of the Albatross, but wish I did. We kept her at Port Credit Harbour Marina on Western Lake Ontario. We did some big trips on her, family of 5. We made the 160 mile trip down to the Thousand Islands and return for the first when I was about 8. Lake Ontario is a pretty good sized Lake, but I don't remember having too many problems. After a few years on Lake Ontario Albatross was moved up to Georgian Bay where the adventures continued.

My first boat was a mahogany Fireball my dad picked up for me, with trailer for $125. We kept the boat mast up in Goderich Ontario where I sailed the big waters of Lake Huron and trailered her with my friends for "camp cruising" on Georgian Bay, which I had an idea of from family trips. I have no decent pictures of my Fireball either.

Skipping a bit, I joined the Canadian Coast Guard as a dish washer and eventually working my way up to Captain of a research ship. During this time I owned my Fireball, but she fell in to disrepair as my interest had turned more to hunting and fishing from my power boat.

Mid 30's I left the Coast Guard after a decent career as dishwasher>deck hand> quartermaster>navigator>Captain.

My only boat at this time was a 14 ft Coleman Canoe. Having fond memories of my dads boat when I was a kid, I went in search of his dream boat, a Grampian 30! I bought mine used for not a whole lot of money, gave up my apartment and moved aboard. I do have pics of the Black Pearl :)

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After some time I met my wife and we had a little one on the way. We decided that if we were going to continue to live aboard we would need a bigger boat so the baby we had it's own cabin. How little we knew about babies! Of couse they don't need their own cabin but we thought they did.

We then upsized to a Fantasia 35. Nice boat to live on, but was certainly not the sailor the Gampian was. Any way we first bought and lived aboard the Van in Toronto, then moved to Niagara on the Lake, Gananoque and finally Prescott on the St Lawrence River.

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Enough was enough, winters are much harsher in Eastern Ontario so we sold the Van, used the money to buy a house and got in to trailer sailing. Which is where we are now.

We cruise were we can and I do a bit of racing. My big boats have been replaced by a bunch of smaller boats including 2 sailing kayaks, a sailing canoe, a Rhodes Petrel 12, a Prindle 16 set up for adventure racing and a Bay Hen 21 which we use for all family activities from camping, to fishing, day sailing and cruising.

Bay Hen

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Me :)

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