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Meissner 21 Parts Help

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Hi I desperately need Pawls and Pawl springs for my Meissener 21 winch. Does anyone have a service kit or know where I can get one. I am going sailing 19 October and have no starboard sheet winch:mad:
I'm in the UK. Any help to locate these parts would be gratefully received.
Cheers Jamie
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I also need a small part for these Meissner 21 winches .. the small circlip on top.
Nobody had any input when this post was posted years ago .. anyone now has any info?

Pawls & springs are pretty near universal fitment - try Lewmars but be sure to replace ALL the pawls on a given winch - small variations in length can mean one pawl carrying all the load. I've used Lewmar parts that way in Barients with no problem. The only area that might present a problem is the socket that it swivels in - the diameter must be right. Buy a 2 pack of Lewmars & see if they fit.

Circlips, snap rings and spiro-locks are available at fastener supply houses - be certain to get Stainless Steel.
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thanks for your input :)
The actual part I need is what somebody called a hairclip spring ... is that what you call that little spring coiled and looking like a key-ring .. except that it is made of flat metal and not round one.
I will try to find a SS one from an online fastener supply house
That is called (in my experience) a spiro-loc.
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