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Hi all,

Looking for advice from folks who own this same model outboard. i bought it used for what I think is a great price, and the PO said it got very little use. I think it's an early 2000s model year.

Anyway, I've never fired it up and plan to when the weather warms. I have changed out the lower unit gear lube, and went to put in a new spark plug. The access panel on the back of the engine that, according to the manual simply pulls down, does not open up easily, and I'm reluctant to force it.

I don't see a latch or any other type of locking mechanism, but maybe I'm missing something? Do I just need to pull down harder? I've been reluctant to pull hard on it because I'm afraid I'll break it. Again, the manual makes it look easy, simply pulling down on the access panel.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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The lever just needs to be pulled hard. The rod of metal the catch goes around will probably break off as mine corroded through.

Just drill a new, slim, bolt through to let the catch hook onto something...l or do as I did and just let the cover sit on top without a working catch. It never fell off.

Except for that its a great engine!

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