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I've got a problem with an old GPS and could use some help solving it.
My old Micrologic Mariner GPS doesn't seem to lock on to satelites. It tells me that five sats are available but won't lock on to any. I have elec.continuity between mushroom antenna and unit. The original owner had it tied into a Loran C system. I replaced the Loran with a new Garmin GPS 545 and would like to keep the old GPS for redundancy. The old Micrologic worked well until it was disconnected from the Loran. Could it be that the antenna just quit or iss it a more involved problem. If it's the antenna does anyone know where I can locate a replacement and/or will a newer antenna work? I'm not the most technically oriented guy on the block and electronics drive me nuts.
Responses are much appreciated.
Bob M-J
S/V Osprey
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