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Absolutely. And if you use biocides, rotate brands.

The fuelwill be clearer as you decrease the microns. But the number of particles less than 10 microns are more than the ones that are greater than 10 microns and smaller particles will pass and burm without any problem. HP is not important, nearly all diese engines use very similiar injectors that have nearly the same tubing for diesel passage.

Trying to keep the water out of the tank is more important than using biocides. The bactera live in the water and eat the diesel which is on top of water. Keeping the tank full when the boat is not in use will keep the water out. The water in a tank is generally due to condensation of water vapor resulting from temperature changes during day time and night. If you keep water out, the bacteria will not find medium to live.
and read the ingriedients.
* there is a lot of re-labling, so 2 brands can be the same stuff.
* not fuel additives. Bio-cides are registered as pesticides and that will be on the label.
* you must rotate every few months, because no one product is "broad spectrum." I have done lab work on this, and each brand attacs different bugs, just like different human anti-biotics attack differing strains of bacteria.
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