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Midship 25 hull number 101 restoration in progress

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My dad gave me this boat 6 years ago while I was going through cancer treatments.My dream is to learn to sail with this boat and when I retire I want to circumnavigate the globe using an Alberg 30. First things first getting this girl sea worthy!


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Been busy the last few days. The PO had installed bulkheads separating the forward V birth from the galley area and took out the table and installed a refrigerator (that no longer works). I’ve ripped all that out an I’m looking to put it back to originalish.


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I’ve also been attempting to salvage the companion way woodwork. And I’ve changed to oil and filter on the Yanmar 1GM10. Ohmgod the scuppers! You don’t even wanna know what was done to them!
On another note I’m thinking this was setup as a ketch at one time as there was t diamond shaped hole in the engine cover that had something mounted to it.. I filled it with fiberglass so I can do some soundproofing after I clean out the engine compartment.


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We got Staggs companionway wood back from the dead and it had all been floating in a flooded cabin for god only knows how long. His were made of cedar and cleaned right up.

Diamond shaped thing was most likely a cockpit table base. East Wind has one. The Ketch had it's mast basically at the doorway to the aft cabin.
Well I got her mostly cleaned up still have some wood work and the Yanmar to straighten out however I decided to take her out for the 4th of July. We had a fun day of sailing even though we were just on a lake.
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A smile, a breeze, some sailing... looking good!
BTW, it sure resembles a Dawson 26.
That’s because they are one in the same! Midship built the first ones in 1973. Mine is hull number 101 manufactured in November 1973
Looking good, they are a lot more fun out on the water for sure.

They are even more fun to work on when floating too, at least it is easy to jump in and cool off during the summer. :)
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