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Might buy a Saber 34'

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I've just found out that a Saber 34 is available in my area for under 10K. I'll be getting more info tomorrow and possibly looking at it this weekend. If so, is there anything other than the mast step and the head/shower bulkhead that I'll need to pay extra attention to?

Please keep in mind that I've never owned a sailboat so this will be a completely new experience for me. In short, use small words, talk/type slow, pictures help... =)

I'm excited that I may join the sailboat club much sooner than I expected but don't want to miss the obvious problems because I'm a novice.

After I look at it, probably with a friend who has some experience and has owned several boats, I will get the survey if it looks like a good deal. As I understand it, the boat has been out every season, fresh water in the Great Lakes and is on the market because they are getting too old for it. Apparently, it's hard for them to even go below on it anymore.

I have no idea what sails, equipment, extras the boat will come with at this time. I'll post more once I've had a look.

Thank you for all input.

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Hopefully, I'll get to look at it this weekend. I don't know the year or anything else about it right now. I'll update as I find more info.
I"m sorry to say that the boat was unavailable. I don't know if it was sold or sunk, just that it wont be mine...
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