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Doing the BVI with a cat is a great experience! Even if you go "just" with four, in mho.the cat gives you plenty advantages.

I chartered a Lagoon 38, owners version 2 years ago (BareCat) with 4 people and we had a blast. on some occasions I was able to singlehand the boat while the crew did some "beach time" and with everyone on board we had lots of room to be together or apart, as needed. I am sure your teenager will love to be on the "fore deck" of your cat and everyone will appreciate the easy on and off to hop into the dinghy or to go snorkeling.

In my opinion a cat is a much as REAL boat as a mono hull, just different! While a Lagoon 38 would be smallish as a live aboard for four (especially galley wise) it would be an ideal platform for a family of four for a week of charter in the BVI. I wouldn't go (much) bigger and I would take just my family for some quality time. Perhaps the friends can charter their own boat and you do a flotilla?

However you decide you will enjoy the BVI and bring back plenty good memories (and pictures).

Have fun and let us know how everything works out.
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