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Last fall I unstepped the mast for rewiring. My boatyard removed the spreaders before storage. I understand why, but I didn't expect it.

Now that I've finished the electrical part I'm wondering if the shrouds should be wired into the vertical slots in the outer ends of the spreaders with stainless steel wire? I'm thinking if I wire an X pattern over the ends then through holes which go through the spreaders an inch from the ends the shrouds could not slip out while stepping the mast. I do have spreader boots to cover the ends. It would be nice to know that the boots are not hiding a dangerous situation where a shroud has slipped out of the groove.


Edit 6/19
I looked a a big boat mast today (6/19) that was on a rack. It had wire around its rod rigging holding it at the tip of the spreaders. I wired mine, but kept the loops around the wire shrouds loose enough so the shrouds can slide as needed.
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