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Does anyone know which type would be correct for a 29'' Mirage? The answer is simple, a removeable type of cockpit table would be the correct type. As to the rest of the stuff I have no idea.......Seriously, this is a fairly large amount of ''Amp-Hog'' items to add to a 29 footer. The Autopilot and the windlass are major users of battery capacity and the continued use of deck and spreader lights are a pretty large draw as well.

That kind of electical capacity is rarely found on a production electrical system for a boat this size. Typically you need to increase the alternator capacity, add a battery bank, and add more sophicated battery management equipment to tolerate those kinds of electical draws. I guess I would suggest that you use a manual (rather than an electrical) windlass at the very least. I generally favor Autohelm for small autopilots. While they are not the absolute best that are out there, they generally have low power consumption and a reasonable service dept. Spreader and deck lights should be Halogen or other high output fixture constucted by a high quality company. You should actually be able to get by with single combination streaming light/ down light combo rather than the higher draw of a pair of a spreader light.


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Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your response? These vague queries do sometimes drive me nuts as well. I thought sailors were clever enough to choose the color of their underwear in the morning without the need to "poll the audience, phone a friend or use the 50-50 option.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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