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I routinely save all my sailing magazines, but alas I’ve lost one and I really want to see an article again. Maybe you folks have seen the article I’m looking for.

Here’s the catch, I can’t remember which magazine it was. I routinely have 48 North, Latitude 38, Cruising World, Lat’s and Att’s, Good Old Boat and Practical Sailor around. I think it was in one of the last two.

The article was about a specific boat and upgrades the owner had done. In the head he used light weight plexi glass sheets and cut them into 1x1 tiles and tiled the head with them. They had a great tile look, but a fraction of the weight.

This was with in the last few months. If anyone knows of the magazine and month, I’d greatly appreciate the info.

I can just start experimenting, but I’d like take a second look and maybe even try to see more pictures of the tile job.

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