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This sounds permanant and lethal. Sounds like it will work fine though.

Mold and funguses are best removed by using 'caustics' which dissolve the cells. Chlorine, clorox, vinegar only kills/stuns these cells and leaves these cells to become the nutrient sources for future species of fungal microorganisms. Lye soap, lye, or 'strong' alkaline soaps and detergents including TriSodiumPhosphate-TSP or sodium silicate based detergents are 'dissolvers' of fungal cells.
Funguses spread by the release into the atmosphere their spores; dead or removed funguses generate no spores.

Mechanically you have to 'scrub' more than visible surfaces; you must remove all the growing fungals from all the 'hidden' spaces: under the sole, under the 'pan liner', bilge, the WATER TANK VENT HOSE, etc.
Once all the interior spaces are 'thoroughly cleaned', then consider to 'spritz' (not on painted or varnished surfaces) one of the sodium silicate detergents (Roll-ON™ or Tuff-eNuff™) or
3M Marine Mildew Block (16.9 fl-Ounce) : : Automotive 3M Marine Mildew Block (16.9 fl-Ounce) : : Automotive

3M Marine Mildew Block (16.9 fl-Ounce) : : Automotive
3M Marine Mildew Block (16.9 fl-Ounce) : : Automotive

... and simply let dry - dont wipe off !!!! This will be a modern equivalent of 'white-washing' - a sure-fire method of mold/mildew prevention discovered by our far distant ancestors - caustics !!!, which deactivates mold/mildew/fungal spores !!!!!!! .... and no matter what the internal 'humidity or air-flow' inside your boat.

If you are sensitive and/or reactive to molds/mildews/funguses, be SURE to wear a RESPIRATOR, goggles, etc. when cleaning. NEVER EVER 'clean' mold/mildew/fungus when it's 'dry' as you will only release and spread the spores into the atmosphere; before cleaning always wet it down (water, clorox, sodium silicate, etc.) to prevent/lessen the spread of the SPORES and prevent you from aspirating them deeply into your lungs --- advice for even 'healthy' folks.

If your 'sensitivity' to mold, etc. is high, consider to hire a 'dairyman' or someone from a 'dairy maintenance' company to do the bulk of the cleaning and disinfection for you (but dont allow them to 'treat' any painted or varnished surfaces - you do this as for sure theyre going to be using 'strong caustics'.).

For long term storage/closure of your boat, consider to use "Para-formaldehyde" crystals .... put a measure of crystals in a plastic pan, as you hold your breath as you QUICKLY close up the boat without breathing. When returning, open the boat to 'air out' for a long time before reentering. Obviously para-formaldehyde crystals wont be available in states that prohibit the use of common 'chemicals' by consumers. Para-F is deadly to mold/mildew, and human lung tissue too.
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