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RK, my wife has asthma. We did some basic things that made an immediate difference, and some larger jobs that made a big difference long term.

When we first got the boat I steam cleaned all the cushions and we did a general cleanup inside to get rid of any obvious mold and mildew.

Next I scrubbed out the bilge. This helped with any odors. She was OK that first summer.

Longer term I got the Nicro fan in the v-berth working. Nicro makes solar powered fans that run/charge during the day and then run on the charged batteries at night. We also have dorade vents that allow air into the boat. Air comes in through the dorades and is exhausted out by the Nicro fan so there is always air movement on the boat when we're not there.

Next I replaced the shaft packing with a dripless shaft seal. This means the bilge is always dry. No dampness means no mildew.

Finally we keep Kanberra Gel in the cabin and head which is surprisingly effective.

Since making these changes we no longer have any "boat smell".

Best of luck,
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