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Mono hull to Cat

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I am going to Key West at the end of this month and want to rent a sailboat for a day: 35-40 ft. I have looked at few places renting monohulls but there seems to be many more catamarans for rent. Probably better for the shallower waters around the keys.

I am a competent/experienced monohull sailor, but the only catamarans I have sailed are hobie cats. Would my monohull skills allow me to handle a catamaran? Or would that be reckless on my part. :confused:
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Hi Slayer-

I did not read the above but to answer your question go for the multihull. I chartered one for the first time last fall and it was fun. A few hints that I discovered, To Tack, have some speed and back the head sail once you are on the new tack and moving forward switch the head sail to the correct side; therefore no motor needed to tack.

The multihull had a twin screw so for motoring in tight spots, lock the steering wheel and steer with the two throttles, it is just like driving a zero turn mower. Have Fun, which is the only way to sail and spend time in Key West!
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