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I was surprised at the total expenses this month so adding it all up was helpful for me.

Traveled from Gulfport, MS to Marathon FL (that was a pretty serious 4 days of sailing in the Gulf). Wife is staying in Jacksonville with our daughter while she rehabs from her broken shoulder. Turns out that the shoulder medical plus the related transportation, plus an extra communication related cost, added up to over $1000. Plus, by my wife and I being in different places added costs in food and dining.

Did grocery, beer and supply run a little more to restock the boat and to have things a little beyond “basic” as I felt responsible to feed my free crew something “good”.

Boat costs were high. Of the total of $3150, $3009 was the balance for the new mainsail I ordered last month. The rest were just small but important “stuff”.

Made a mistake of buying fuel at Sarasota Fl, which is probably the most expensive in Fl.

Entertainment includes going to a movie, some books, Netflix rentals etc. and a yearly timeshare cost.

Communication was our cell phone plan plus I brought and activated a Garmin InReach unit. The inReach was useful out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico to get weather and my wife definitely liked that she could track me and get updates on how we were.

Marina costs were a month’s mooring in Marathon/Boot Key.

Medical of course are doctor and PT visits and copays for wife’s shoulder
Transportation and travel costs were a rental car/gas to go to our daughters and a bunch of Uber trips for my wife going to doctor and PT. I could put all the transportation costs down as medical as they all were due to wife’s shoulder one way or another.

The total expenses were $7,099.58. Cost breakdown as follows for planners and hecklers:

Food, soda, alcohol, clothing, sundries - $ 1189.44
Boat upgrades, repairs, maintenance - $ 3150.11
Fuel (diesel, gas, propane) - $ 167
Dining and drinking out - $ 744.87
Entertainment - $ 181.88
Communication, storage, shipping - $ 636.25
Fees – $ -62.05
Marina - $ 348.30
Electric - $ 0
Medical - $ 375.03
Transportation and travel - $ 353.75
Gifts - $ 0
Water - $ 15
Registration - $ 0


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Thanks for posting..the new sail certainly put a dent in the budget.

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What weather info did you get from the inreach
I was 100 miles off shore and it gave the forecast for that area for I think the next 3 days in like 3-6 hours periods. It has a couple of different weather setting from just weather to marine forecast to a premium forecast. Besides the tracking we got it for the forecast and the SOS and text feature
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