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moody keel studs/bolts

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Taking my boat out of the water i have noticed that from where the keel meets the hull at the frond i have a crack of about 1.5mm and this is from the frond towards the back for about 15cm .The problem is that i found salt deposites and a lot of rust on the first stud from the frond. This tells me that water (humitity)passed through the keel and through the is the stud gone? do i have to remove the keel?or i can change the studs one by one?the boat is a moody 336 year of manufacture 1988 and i believe the keel and the studs/nuts are mild steel.I would much appreciate any advice.
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I am not familiar with the Moodys but I doubt that the keel bolts are mild steel. Stainless is almost always used, monel might be used.
You may just have carbon steel washers or nuts on the SS bolts, my S2 came like that so I just inspected the bolts, they were fine, and put SS nuts and washers back on.

Good Luck
I believe Moody did use mild steel which while it will rust, is not subject to crevice corrosion.
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