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Dog, Thanks. I too have this problem and will find this helpful. Three questions:

1. I have a memory circuit for the stereo, which is switched so I can stop the battery drain during long periods of non-use. I'll switch it off before doing the leak test. I know this isn't a "leak", but does this minimal powered ciircuit contribute to the zinc corrosion?

2. I have a bilge pump with a float switch. As long as it's not actively pumping, this shouldn't affect the leak test, should it? In your preliminary diagnosis test, I assume you are referring to bilge pumps with electronic switches that draw current as part of the sense circuitry. A float switched bilge pump shouldn't have to be disabled before the leak test, correct?

3. Your instructions tell how deterine if you have a leak. How do you isolate it if you determine you have one?

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