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These were originally designed as Grand Prix level IOR raceboats but only a few were actually hand constucted for G.P.level racing. The production versions were heavier and had a little bit more of an interior. This was a pivotal time in the IOR and the 36 was slightly behind the curve. I have never known of one that actually did well in racing.

Today they are like so many IOR ex-race boats. They did not have much of an interior, they are not much of a raceboat any more (although they may be an OK PHRF club level racer) and like most IOR boats of that era, compared to more modern designs, or non-IOR performance boats of that era, they are not the greatest sailors.

Still, you sometimes see them offered quite cheaply, (under $30K) with a fair amount of gear and upgrades. They offer a fairly long waterline and a roomy cockpit. I amagine that their PHRF ratings may have settled down to somewhere near reasonable from their original way too low rating when they first came out.
Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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