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You know, I think I know boats in general. I know glass enough to be dangerous, general mechanical, what leaks, what don''t. I''m looking at a 1980 Morgan 461, a 1976 Gulfstar 43 and generally interested in the Gulfstar 50''s. Sailing them is not a problem. I realize the ports tend to leak, which is a manageable condition, and rebedding all deck hardware isn''t a problem. I want to find a good sized boat to use for captained charters in the BVI/USVI that won''t run over $125,000.00. Problem is, I get severely mixed messages on quality, etc. on these craft. Any comments that might allay my fears of throwing money out the window? Each boat is going to be different and I expect certain amounts of upgrading and work. Different people have differing experiences. I just want a borderline liveabord (with condo here in the VI) that I can at least day charter and not lose my shirt completely on resale. Someone please tell me about the Morgans/Gulfstars. I see a couple of 461''s down here that look great overall, but the old Perkins diesels look skanked and TOUGH to get out of the boat....
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