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Morning Light

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Good Sailing movies are hard to come by :( and this one caught my eye. I watched it for the first time yesterday and was blown away by the inspiration and excitement this movie (documentary) communicates.:D Roy Disney, a veteran TransPac racer produced this film and it has some great sailing shots, and covers in detail many of the nuances involved in a high level race. Some parts of the film and the soundtrack may have a "Disney" feel to them but the messages about the sport of sailing come through loud and clear. Check it out!! If you get the DVD don't forget to check out the bonus features as well. While on this subject, are there any other great/classic sailing movies people would reccomend? Afetr all, we do have a reccomended reading list.;)
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The critics panned this movie...but I, like you, quite enjoyed it.

The critics thought the movie was building itself up to some kind of real excitement and drama that never really materialized. Also the whole reality show type of vote the guy of the Island was never something I enjoyed and has grown even more stale 10 years after the inception of Survivor. But being more of a sailing junky than a film critic...I just sucked it up. I like the Oz...he was pretty cool.

Even though I too quite enjoyed First Light but obviously it didn't touch "Captain Ron" or "Master and Commander"

I would say I enjoyed the 80s movie "Wind" more than First Light.

And Dove is very good too. Boatniks is good for a chuckle.

White Squall is another great.

Am I missing some? Probably.
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Thanks Great White!! You just loaded up my Netflix Que:)
I agree with the Reality show side of Morning light but still enjoyed it quite a bit
I remember wincing when i was watching "The Perfect Storm" when the guy in the sailboat decided to lie ahull -and guess what? He got rolled. :rolleyes:
The whole story about the S/V Satori. The sailboat in "The Perfect Storm."

SATORI and the Perfect Storm
The whole story about the S/V Satori. The sailboat in "The Perfect Storm."

SATORI and the Perfect Storm
Panicy crew can easily be the biggest problem

"Experienced" sailors......sheesh. :rolleyes:

Might have saved himself some hassle by heaving to. Seems the movie was pretty accurate though.
Thanks for the link- glad his boat didn't get too beat up.
American Sailors -- a really well done sailing documentary covering crews in several classes of the Chi-Mac race.

Deep Water -- A truly frighting look at the human psyche wrapped in a sailing package.

Captains Courageous is a classic not to be missed also.

I too liked Morning Light but think the title was a little to appropriate. Like others have mentioned the "survivor" thing, is really played out, but if you're gonna do it, you can't cut out all the drama. There is almost a complete lack of energy in Morning Light and I find it hard to believe there were no sparks when kids didn't make the crew.
Captain Ron

thanks for the tip on the Kurt Russell movie. I generally check out some quick You Tube clips of movies before I rent or buy them. I found this docking one of Ron...LOL:laugher

YouTube - Captain Ron's docking manuevers
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