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What was your most memorable sail. I don't necessarily mean the most exiting or best sailing day but the one that in your heart you remember when describing sailing to other people you meet.

When I describe sailing to new friends, I always talk about the night sail with my youngest daughter. We went out one night in the summer after I came home form work. I told her we were going out,; I did mot give her much choice. My wife said to just have Sandy (my 15 year old daughter) go with me. We headed down to the harbor. We stopped to get a pizza for dinner. We cleared the breakwater as the sun was setting and headed out to sea. We watched the su set and the stars appear. We talked about deep things and nothing. We ate the pizza and she took the wheel while I just relaxed. I showed her the important skill of steering the boat with your foot while holding a slice of pizza in one hand and a soda in the other. It was one of the best evenings of sailing I have ever had.

I have had many days and evenings of sailing but when I am old and no longer in boating I will still remember that evening with Sandy.

What are your special sailing memories?
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