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motor problems

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i have 20 horse power yanmar 3GMF motor. in neutral i can get the rpms up to 3500-4000 if i wanted, however when i put it into gear the highest i can go is about 2000. when i go above that i get heavy black smoke from the aft thru hull. no smoke in cabin or engine compartment. is this an exhaust mainfold problem or maybe a saltwater cooling problem? thank you for any help you can give.
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I'd suggest reading through this thread.
It may have your solution or give you some ideas on which way to continue in your search for answers.
wow..jsl3 sounds like we had the same problem.....i scraped the bottom in june. looks like im going back down this weekend...what did you use to scrape..spackle knife? is there anything better......really would like to do this in the water
In my case, I had the boat hauled and we cleaned it when it was on the slings. In the future however, I will be using a paint scraper or small drywall knife, wire brush and gloves while I'm anchored somewhere outside the marina.
Since this incident early in the summer, I have been under with a mask and snorkel at least 4 times and found no marine growth. From doing a little research, I've found that the barnacle life cycle growth in my area seems to explode around the end of June or so.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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