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motorboat convert

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hey everybody.
I have grown up at the coast of NC enjoying powerboats since i was 6-7 years old. I own a small 17' boston whaler. My wife and i are almost 40 and have a 8 year old son, and have not been boating much in the last 10 years as our boat is too small, and our summer work schedules are hectic. We have been wanting a larger boat we could weekend on. Going fast has lost it's lure, and i am now much more content to enjoy the ride.

We just bought a 1966 30' Sagitta sailboat. We chose a sailboat because we can comfortably stay the weekend at the cape, and because it is economical to use. That was one of the largest concerns of a motorboat was the operational costs.


we have a lot to learn. I hope to learn much here, and hope to contribute as well. We are also looking for others in the morehead/beaufort area to travel with.

hope to get you know you guys...
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