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My Father in law had a big Novi which my wife's family lived on for the summers out to M.V. He used to put his Goldwing in the dinghy and drag it there from Weymouth to Martha's Vinyard. Admittedly it was one of the old 4 cylinder Goldwings. So it is feasible for short trips in calm weather. He would just tarp the thing but now a days would think to shrink wrap it. I've seen big dual sports stuck in center consoles done that way. I think for a sailboat its more problematic. Getting the thing up on the foredeck got to be hard so think it might be easier using a rigid old school dinghy or even a flat bottom aluminum fish boat. As said bikes don't like salt water but he did it only twice a season with a good detailing after each passage. Ran my KTM on the beach and you could not get by with just the spray cleaner then a hose. Salt water on the hot bits really needs a hard cleaning. Needed a toothbrush cleaning and elbow grease. Took longer to clean than the rides.
I guess the other choice is to find an old 125cc 2 stroke and take the wheels off it. They don't weigh much and seem to run regardless of how badly abused. Easy to wrench. Rusts out-get another one.
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