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I recently purchased a Nanostation 2. I was partially successful in setting it up. I even made a connection to a signal over a mile away, but I still have a few questions.

I can have my computer communicate with the device (which is necessary to find a signal, or I can browse the internet.) I can not do both at the same time. In order to switch back and forth between these modes, there are several settings which have to be changed. I am sure I am doing something wrong, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I was also disappointed to find out that the Nanostation requires an AC outlet. I have a small inverter that I planned on plugging my laptop into. Now I will have to use the battery while the Nanostation uses the AC current.

My biggest challenge is trying to figure out a way to mount the device. It needs to be as high as possible, but it also must be able to be turned to face possible signals. I am curious how people who use directional Wi-Fi antennas have them mounted on their boat.
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