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Mounting new, to me, winches...

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Hello All! Mounting some new to me, Lewmar 43st's. Should I use butyl tape or 4200 or what? Thanks for your input, it is always appreciated. Kevin
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You guys are talking about a backing plate inside the hull, where the nuts go on? Not a plate under the winch, top side? Right? The reason I ask, Is MarkSF talking about polishing a plate nobody's gonna see for the next 20 yrs. Kinda confused my poor little head. It did have little dinky washers on 5/16 bolts. Surprised it lasted this long with no apparent damage. And, of course, I'll seal the holes with epoxy! Who wouldn't? Don't say it! I've seen it before, too. LOL! Thanks guys, you are always helpful. Kevin
Yo, Captainmeme, No pinion gear listed in schematic for 43st. Which gear are you talking about, Please? Kevin
In my 35 Morgan, the winch access is a 4 inch hole in the ceiling of the quarter berth on the port and via the engine room on the starboard. Nobody is going to see it unless they are replacing winches, like me. Kevin
So, one is mounted. Used the butyl tape I bought from Mainsail several months ago. Used it on the stanchions. Good stuff, sticky. I didn't know about orientation of gears. I think I got it about 45 degrees, if I remember correctly. Cool, now I have a self tailer on the port! Gonna mount the other one on Saturday. Can't wait! I've been sailing so much that it hurts to do work like this cause I miss good days of sailing, doing the work. I got the bug! And, tweakers syndrome! Thanks for all the input. Kevin
How about 38.13 $ of stainless bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers on my WM gift card! I kid you not! 10 of each. 38.13! Kevin
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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