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I have a question what do you mean by a massive lead acid bank mine is just over 400 ah and honestly don't expect to use more than 50 or 60 ah per day with 200 watts solar is it worth the expense of a mppt controller the pwm comes with the panels
I ran 240 watts if solar into 270 amp hours of batteries without a controller for two years without a problem.
Just wire them straight into the batteries and see how they go.
If you are only needing to charge 60 amp hours per day then why spend $500 on something that will make you get to 100% half an hour earlier?

Living aboard you get to know your boat intimately. It wont take long before you work out what works or not....
(Like today theres no wind and overcast all day so I know I cant have my freezer on and the fridge too... So I moved stuff into the freezer and wont go shopping today. Its all flexibility)

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