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A few ideas for your consideration;

Adjustable/moveablefor light placement/collection
Removable easily for stowage
Lightest weight with best possible strength and mounting options

Perhaps a Bimini-type frame with twist-adjusting back rail frame length?. Utilize Bimini hardware available and a pair of HD or Lowe's cheap alum painters poles for the back "legs" as adjusters? Ditto on losing the Starboard; both weight and windage excess. Deck flanges possile; but add a pairof opposing angle, fore/aft braces. 30,45 and 60 degree rail hdwr is common enuff . Pull-pins 'stead of bolt-on brackets?
Unless your planning on TransPac length reaches; you're not going to deploy while underway (?). Mooring/slip use willmake install/useage much easier to facilitate,; both manufacturing and design.

I'm going thru the same design/mental gymnastics for my future installation; soI can sympathize :D

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