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Short version: We lived!
Long version:
First, I had to take "the crew" out to breakfast to conduct our pre sail briefing. We prepped the boat and practiced docking one more time. Then we headed to the gas dock to top off the tank. Avoided crashing into the boat tied ahead of us, and filled up. We motored out to the bay. I had the crew take the helm and she did great.
Then we pointed into the wind and raised the mainsail. (Some difficulty removing the topping lift but nothing a very expensive fancy shackle won't fix)
Unfurled the jib (and immediately caught the line on the rope to the fender) We had pulled it aboard, but now know why the get properly stowed. Had to tack to relieve the pressure on the line so I could untangle it. We tacked and the boat began to heel (lean over). At this point, the crew stated that she didn't like heeling and was scared, so I directed her to bear off the wind. The mutinous crew blatantly disregarded orders and sailed higher into the wind (which makes the boat heel more. I managed NOT to get thrown overboard even after the inadvertent tack that followed.
I finally untangled the line and succumbed to the whining and furled the jib.
Trying to sail on the tired old main was tough. Had to try not to heel the boat , while trying to maintain headway against the current. The wind was blowing us toward Long Beach Island (LBI). Apparently, its VERY SHALLOW there! So we slightly ran aground! Quickly started the engine, reversed and put the bow into the wind to drop the main. (In my haste, I forgot to secure the topping lift, so as I lower the main, the boom starts to drop into the cockpit. (The crew just wanted to leave it there.) The appropriate amount of salty language convinced her of the error of her ways. Put the sail back up, installed the topping lift and lowered the main. The crews job was to flake the sail. I got a wadded up ball of sail mess instead!
So now we motored into the new Marina. (Mariner's in Barnegat) It was a little difficult until we found the Barnegat Beach, then all the landmarks fell into place. Was easier to follow the channel to the marina than expected.
My direction was to pull into a slip near the haul out machine with no dock lines on it. Unfortunately, the first slip I picked was too narrow for our boat!
Had to back out and try for another slip.
Lets just say 12 or 13 tries later with some help from on shore, we managed to tie up two slips down from our home next season.
We took down and bagged the main for winter but it was too windy to unfurl the jib to drop it, so I'll have to do that on a windless day by myself.
Bottom line: No one died, fell overboard and there are no holes in the boat!
The crew is in for a lot of training next season!

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Priceless story :)

Your failing was that you should have taken crew to a Champagne breakfast! Do that next weekend and she will love it! Or be too drunk to notice....
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