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I have been looking at boats around St Joe, Mi but am wondering if I would be better off buying after I get to Tampa. I'm looking at 35'-40' with around 5' draft. Fell in love with a 1988 Morris 36 but didn't like the price.

There is no shortage of yachts in the size range you describe in south Florida but, frankly, you might find that given the time of year, you might find that buying a boat further north, perhaps from someone that's either hoping to move up to an even larger boat, or quitting the sport entirely, and in neither case pleased with the prospect of putting their boat up over the Winter in hopes of a Spring sale might result in a better deal even with the costs of transporting the boat to Florida. Friends of ours bought their boat in the Fall in the Chicago area, plopped her on a truck and shipped her to Tampa, and had her sailing in 75º water within 5 weeks of closing and "guestimated" that they saved "a goodly sum" on the deal.

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