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I just went through this when buying my boat last year. I looked at Catalina's, Hunters and Beneteaus. It came down to Catalina and Hunter because at the time I wasn't finding a lot of Beneteaus that fit our criteria.

The eye opener for me was going to a dealer that had quite a few of both boats in stock that were a few years old. The Catalina's were aging noticably better than the Hunters. I'm not bashing Hunter, it's just what I observed on those boats.

That said, why not nose around for a newer boat at a better price? There are a LOT of people looking to sell boats right now and some are downright desperate.

If you like Catalina and Hunter try calling around to some of the local dealers. The salesman at my local Catalina dealer keeps in touch with his customers going back years. They may know someone looking to get out of a boat. Ask around the docks. Does anyone know someone looking to sell? Some of the best boat deals went down without there ever being a "for sale" sign on the boat.

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