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well i posted my water pump thread.

today, i got the following done

new water pump, and accumulator
cockpit fresh water connection
modified my topping lift to adjustable
drilled and tapped end of boom and installed can cleat
shortened fixed topping lift and installed a pulley
new 3/16 line connecting the above
scrubed topside down with fresh water stem to stern
installed hooks in salon to hang fishing rod
new straps to hold the bimini from flopping around so much

and here is the real nice part a friend brought me a 45 watt solar panel for free. he works for a street light company and they had a passing car run in to a solar powered traffic warning sign. the insurance company totaled it, it had 6 panels on top 2 got destroyed when it fell over, he kept 3 ( for his land yacht ) and gave me one.

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Pretty productive!

Yesterday I:

Installed bow nav light
Installed stern nav light
Removed the old boat name
Reinstalled the baby stay mount and rigged it
Hooked the VHF feedline up and connected VHF to GPS
Lots of cleaning

Of course int eh course of doing this I found other problems, the most notable is that the back stay mount for the tensioned was about to fall off due to loose nuts. That's on today's list :(

I think you got me beat ;)
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