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My Dog Won't Pee on the Boat

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What's a fella to do..?

I mean it's a good habit to have at home (not peeing in the house) but becomes inconvenient out on the boat...

Been sailing the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior so we generally can get him to shore once or twice a day, lot of the islands have public piers I can get into, but we prefer to anchor out, which means launching the dingy and rowing to shore for doggy duty...

He can hold it for awhile, usually we hit shore in the morning and around supper time and sometimes the morning romp waits till noon if were heading to another island early in the morn.

But next season I'd like to take a trip from Bayfield to Isle Royal which means a good 48 hrs on open water...

We've put him in the cockpit and waited but nothing ever happens, he'll just look over the coaming at the trees on the islands and wimper softly...

Any suggestions on getting him to "go"..?

I'm sure if we wait "long enough" something will happen, but I'd like to train him to go on a regular basis on the cockpit floor so I can reduce the number of trips in the dingy..

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In my experience the trick to making this work is using that same piece of astroturf at home.
Exactly. You need to start at home. Perhaps he has a favorite place next to the house where he usually goes. So put the astroturf there, or even slip it under him as he starts to go. Soon enough he will realize that it is okay to use the astroturf. Get him into that habit and it is a fairly simple matter of moving the astroturf around until he figures out that wherever it is, that's where he's supposed to go. Now put it on the boat, et voila!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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