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My newest project

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This is a new 43'er for a PNW client. The boat has twin diesels on sail drives. The builder is James Betts in Anacortes, WA. This is a custom project and what you see is what the client wants. But this image is a bit obsolete now. The hull ports have gone. The dink is off the housetop and the cabin trunk portlights are now all the same size. Details. Construction will be composite with epoxy.
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The number of times you reference "what the client wants" is troubling...

Is he stuck on some ideas you don't agree with?

My brother is a programmer and in programming they have "BOT tags" attaced to various programming functions. It stands for "The boss ordered this" and is there to help you explain yourself to another engineer who sees your work.

A little design conflict going on here or am I reading this wrong?


PS Nice to see you back here Bob. Thought we lost you to SA for a minute there.
Great writeup Jeff on the pros and cons of various laminates. Care to discuss the pros and cons of steel? :)

Bwuhahaha! :D
If the forward chair in the upper salon could swivel and face forward and there was an inside steering station there, then I'd order hull #1. :)

Beautiful looking boat.


PS I'd probably spec a mizzen on there too before confirming my order of hull #1. :D
Let the wild rumpus begin!
Happens to be the name of this boat, which is local in Anacortes and often races agains ICON. ;)
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I've been gone from here for a while. Seems that things have gotten
very quiet here on SN.
Steel boats are better! I could build a better boat from s
Crapyard parts! Where does the wood stove fit?

Better? :)

Ps the typo above was too good to correct
All BS jokes aside my first boat, a 31ft
Lapstrake mahogany over steam-bent english oak framed Scottish lifeboat that was (poorly) converted into a sloop by Stan Huntingford had a wood stove that was wonderful. I currently eye myNC 40 and dream of putting in another wood stove. There's just something about a wood fire....
You don't have one in the sauna? That's not heated by electricity is it?

You no not what you have just started! :)

Why have the chart table set so the navigator os facing to starboard? I'm used to seeing tables facing forward and would imagine that would be less fatiguing to sit at on either tack.

Speaking of balanced rudders, would it be possible to have a balanced rudder on a traditional skeg by having the stock not at the leading edge of the rudder? Seems like you could do so but I can't say I've ever seen it done. Usually the rudder stock is at the leading edge of the rudder and then, immediately forward of the stock is the skeg. I wonder why this isn't done more often. My nauticat has some area that is below, and forward of the stock, which I presume is for balance, but that's the closest I've seen to a balanced skeg "protected" rudder.


PS I love the Luckmaninoff name. :D
By the way, as of an hour ago the twin engines are out. And that's all I'll say about that.
You mean it's going to have 3 engines??!! Wow! Sweet! :D

But I find if I get one good idea from every ten presented to me than I am doing just fine. I work by myself. It's nice to get some feedback.
One in ten? Kinda long odds but I'll; give it a go. I like these inline hybrids. I've corrosponded with the owner of the company a few times and his product looks pretty good to me. A regular ol' diesel when you want it to be, a diesel generator when you want it to be one, and an electric drive to get you home (or motorsail silently) when you want it to be.

Seagoing Hybrids - Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion

Bop Perry in Speedos.... Thanks for that image that I can't unsee...
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I could never compete in Speedos due to the excessive drag. :D
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