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My Raytheon radar screen does not work.

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Ref: Raytheon Pathfinder SL70 Series.
My radar screen light does not work. There is no information about it in the manual.Has anyone else had the same problem? if so how do I fix it?
I am quite apt with electronics and I have taken it apart but I could not even see a bulb let alone change it.

Minnie B
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Is it monochrome or color screen? There is no bulb, the backlight is CCFL tubes. In the monochrome it is built into the LCD panel, in the color version it is separate. It is not impossible to replace in either case, but you need replacement part, and steady hand, these tubes break really easily.

It may not be the CCFL tubes, but the inverter may also be faulty. simplest way to find is to temporarily connect a good CCFL tube (for example from a broken monitor) to the inverter. Warning: there is high voltage involved with these tubes!

And of course, a lot of other things can go wrong, including a bad connection for the backlight. That is simple to check
The SL70 is quite simple to take apart. If you are doing it for the first time, make notes or take pictures on what goes where.

But first make sure that the brightness is all the way up. Pressing the light button for a couple of seconds should reset the brightness to max.

I assume the display otherwise fully functional, it is only the backlight that is faulty.
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