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We left Fri 0/24/14 8 AM and Arrived Sun 10 PM.
Mystic CT to Hampton VA
355 Miles
60 hour total.
Motored about 25 hours.

Boat is Cardinal 46
We were doing 9.5 knots in 15 to 20 knots on a beam reach for the first 20+ hours until it turned to crap.

You can see where were were being headed until we hit the edge of the gulf stream as our boat speed fell off to about 3 knots.
We then motored straight back to shore to get out of the current then tried to sail again and gave up then motor sailed into the wind.

From Fri am to Sat 11 Am we made about 180 miles with the wind on our beam at 20 to 25 knots but then it turned more south and picked up to 30 knots. Not comfortable.

Great ride.

Stay safe my friend:)
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