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Lovely thread :)

I just named my brand new First 31.7 "Encre de Chine", a French name basically meaning "Ink of China" which, oddly enough, is translated in English by "Indian Ink" (where did the Royal Navy got their maps from ?).
Living in Hong Kong, we, my girl and I, thought we should also give her a Chinese name, just like people here have their traditional names and their "western" name. So we decided for "Su Fat Ga", "Chinese Calligrapher".

It took us quite a ceremony to be forgiven for this non-sense by the JuJus. First a traditional Chinese "good luck" red and gold silk flag blessed by the local temple. Around here it seems that this just does work ! I also had to stick the inevitable red envelop under the chart table, and finally I was allowed to go out, for the Champagne ceremony. First, pour a glass for the Ocean, then a glass for the Boat, then, and only then, you can finally have a sip. :)

Sailors are probably almost as supersticious as Chinese..sailing with a Chinese girl, I had to take all precautions...and so far so good :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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