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I wrote this poem for a lovely Dutch woman, Nana, who sailed a Gulfstar 45?? She was from South Africa and we met in St Martin. Indeed a terrific courageous and exemplary person.


I have not a crystal
Nor relic nor stone
For you to keep
As a memory of me
Safe in your home

I have only my thoughts
And good wishes for you
To hold in my heart
As we sail the same blue

When out there at night
Alone with heavenly light
Keep this clear as you gaze off
to infinite light

That a sailor out there
Keeps a piece
Of your spirit
Safe in his place

When sparkles glitter
O'er waves so bright
In daytime too
I'll remember your light

Nana, spirit so pure
Nana, heart so kind
A sailor so out there
Forever, now a place in my mind

Though oceans apart
It's the same sea we sail
The same dream we share
The same force that drives
Our sails over there

A life full of freedom
A life of concern
For wisdom and kindness
Yet no one to spurn

I leave you now
To our one planet earth
To discover and cherish
What each one is worth

Our time has been short
We don't make the rules
The game must go on
We know we're not fools

We captain our ships
Through calm seas or gale
Seeking some dream
While passing a whale

Time to weigh anchor
And time to make way
Fair winds and following seas
May Nana find each and every day

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My Nana - mother’s mother was my idol. Great post

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So here's another post I wrote on Shiva a few decades ago:

Today I find the sea quite blue
And on this day most of the sky is, too
You'll find the bottom of Shiva blue
As are her stripes, which number two

Set I to sail one cold November day
Headed south to where my future lay
As fate determined it would be
In a noisy little bar by the very blue sea

So at an open restaurant on the quay
Our first encounter would be this way
When first laid I my brown eyes on you
Inside I knew one search was through

But my journey had not ended there
A stop to find someone to care
Of the many things I can say of you
Your green eyes, alas, they are not blue

Time you needed, some francs in hand
In time we would sail a foreign land
So now alone I sail upon this sea of blue
Each day my thoughts they pull towards you

The days draw near when back I'll be
Anchored off the marina by the sea
And when tired of your service there
A new life awaits and needs your flair

A wish, a hope, a chance with you
Would be my wildest dream come true!
The years have taught me what I need
And when I see it, I do take heed!

Do search the waves, go near and far
Or even try in every corner cafe bar
And when you've been through them all
Let your spirits be not crushed nor fall

Remember always, and of this be clear
At your side though I may not appear
There is no man on land, nor sailor at sea
True bluer than you'll find in me
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