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Despite the good efforts of SailingDog and others - I still cannot get that NanoStation 2 to work for me.

I am running Vista and that might be an issue.
My lack of IT network knowledge is probably another issue.
Trying to get it to work in an anchorage at the end of a long and tiring day is probably also an issue.

I have set up the network ( etc)
I have talked toe the NS2 from my computer
I can "find" open waypoints out there
But I cannot seem to make the thing communicate - that is - let me check email or check Sailnet on Mozilla.


Oh well - I will keep trying.

Any of you who want to send me instructions - please keep them simple and remember - I am dealing with Vista.


Rik & Linda
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Did you get this working? The way I understand the Nanostation, it should not matter what OS you are using. It is independent and does not need any drivers. I cannot offer any practical advice, as I am in the looking into phase at this point. If you see the unit and can connect to the OS and tell it to connect to an open wireless network then you should be good. I am looking at the Nanostation and the Nanostation LOCO
IIRC, you were able to get it to work on your wife's computer, which is a Mac. Therefore, the issue isn't the Nanostation2, but Vista itself. If that is indeed the case, then what you're probably having trouble with is the ethernet port on the Vista laptop not being on the right network.

This can be solved one of two ways. The more complicated solution is to multihome the ethernet card... which I won't get into. :) The simpler solution is to re-configure the ethernet card for DHCP and then use your wife's computer to do all the future configuration work on the NS2.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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