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Nasa Target Log

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The knowledge in this forum is my last resort....

I have a NASA Target log o/b.
When I start it up it shows 0.1 knots, then 0.0 knots. (so far so good)
If the boat moves through the water it always shows 0 knots.

I pulled the paddlewheel out and checked it.
It was ok, paddle moved freely like it should.
When I manually move the paddlewheel, correct readings come up the screen.

So, the system works like it should, but when the sensor is inserted, it won't work!

Also, i tired to clean the hole from the outside with a hose, a brush,....

The log is placed on a place with a normal, unobstructed, laminair flow.

Does anyone know the golden tip to help me?
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If i turn the wheel manually, i don't turn it crazy fast. (i think)
So the calibration is probably not it, but i'll check it out.

If the sensor seizes up when in the hole, can i fix it while afloat? and how?
I already tried turning the wheel in the water, and something shows up indeed.
I didn't try looking to it under water.

Im from Belgium, the water is already to cold for a dive :-(
I recently read smewhere that there should never be anti fouling on the paddlewheel.
Why is that?
Mine has a coat of antifouling (from the PO).
Is that the cause of trouble perhaps?

Sorry to revivethis thread, but evryone love's his boat to be ship-shape!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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