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I have the above auto-pilot. It worked fine 2 summers ago. Last summer, we (unfortunately) stayed on-the-hard. This summer, the unit is 'squirrelly'.

All setting and calibrating functionality seems to work. I tried usign both the control head and the Handprogrammer (H5000). Compass readings are correct on the H5000 (so I know the compass is working). The motor does adjust the wheel (so I know the motor is working).

However, when I go from standby to auto (by either pressing the H5000 or control head), the unit tries to make a few adjusments to the heading, then the alarm goes off and the unit locks up. The only way to kill the alarm is to unplug the unit.

Any clues? I know that Navico was purchased by Simrad, but I hate to think that the only possibility is to replace the entire unit ($1000+).
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