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Navigation Lights

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Currently my Nav lights include a tri-color at the mast head. I have no steaming light. Also have the red and green bow lights and stern light. I am in the process of making the boat as simple as possible. My VHF antenna is mounted on a targa frame at stern and not at top of mast. The mast does not have an internal conduit for wiring and installing one is difficult because of the way the base and mast head are fabricated.

So to try to eliminate as much mast wiring as possible I am considering removing the tri color light and use a hoisted light for times when I need an anchor light. I plan to install a steaming light and just run the wires loose in the mast as my mast mounted deck light is run.

I realize the masthead light give good visibility, but where I sail, there are very few boats.

So for a 34 foot boat can I get away with just a steaming light and the bow and stern lights and be legal?
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Absolutely yes! Also, make sure you have a bright white (LED?) anchor light that can be seen from all around your boat all night. You're good to go.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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